If nature were a lady.

Within my eyes you’ll see an eclipse

Setting sun’s colour is on my lips;

When I blow my hair with a fresh breeze

My earrings make chirping noises in glee;

Precious metals and stones I bedeck

On my fingers and around my neck;

Laced with flowers lush green is my dress

Which brand is it ? can you guess?

My perfume smells like rain

Enough to drive you insane;

I wear mountains as my heels

What do you think my personality reveals?

Be my man and consider it as a duty

To love me and preserve my beauty.

Comfortably uncomfortable

Eyes little sore 

Afraid from the core

It’s going to be alright

Though didn’t sleep well last night

As Nightmares kept shattering it

Today I would accept no defeat

So here I am all alone

Totally out of my comfort zone

Butterflies in my stomach 

But they won’t make me dumbstruck

Legs are trembling

Still confidently walking

I can feel my heartbeat

But that’s the way I like it

I can feel my blood upsurge

This all happens usually when I emerge

Don’t ask me if I am okay

I am Comfortably uncomfortable I will say.

Bucket list

It consists of the random things

On which my heart clings; 

It’s where my soul feels at home

No matter wherever I roam;

But makes my mind shiver

As if stepped into a cold river;

For I don’t know my capabilities

Sometimes even question its  possibilities;

 I haven’t figured out a proper way 

But I keep thinking about it everyday;

My true victory was when I made the list

Punching the doubts and fears with my fist;

Unaware whether I’ll reach it

But believing that I’ll acheive it.

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