Last breath of a soldier.

When I would inhale
the very last breath
What would I think of?

Will all my life achievements
Flash before my eyes
making me feel content?

Will I be proud
for serving my entire life
for my beloved nation?

Or will I remember
The faces, the touch ,the voices,
The laughs of my loved ones?

Will I remember the
Last talk I had with them?
Did I tell them that I love them ?

Will I feel the guilt?
For leaving all of them
In shock and sorrow.

Because I never
In my wildest dreams
Would want to hurt them.

I hope I left some memories
And the only thing they remember
Is not that I was always busy.

Will I have a nostalgia?
Will I think all this?
Will I even exhale that last breath?

If I feel scared to face death,
Will they allow me to hug
my parents for one last time?

Poems on love.

Poet writes only about his darling,

How everything is so rosy and sparkling;

Tells the story of his intimacy

With words that leave a legacy.

All his poems about romance

And how the lovers kissed and danced.

The world embraced the verses and quotes

Of every love poem he wrote.

All around the expectations of love rose,

Everyone always wanted someone close.

They tried to find lover as described in the verse,

Couldn’t find anybody in the entire universe.

Only if they had poet’s eyes,

They would understand where the true beauty lies.

He didn’t hype about his lover,

He just feels blessed to have her.

He writes only about the rose and not the thorns,
As for him imperfections are not cons.

Sky is the limit.

Every time I skip this busy life

For a minute or so

Just to take a look up above

At this beautiful masterpiece called sky

It reminds me to breathe.

So, I take a deep breath

And as the air fills within me

It brings immense peace

To my bothered soul

Which find answers

To the questions

I don’t even know.

That joyous skyblue colour

Along with those white clouds

Which perfectly blend in it

Just to signify that all’s perfect

And today is a happy day.

It reminds me that

Today no matter what

It will remain beautiful

To constantly emphasize that

My only limit is not

even this magneficient sky

It is just me and my thoughts.

Childhood Games.

I still play most of

my childhood games

Probably not every day

Like the old times

But more often than

not playing them at all.

I play hide and seek

With answers of my problems,

They may be good at hiding

But I am no less when

it comes to seeking.

I play ‘Pakada Pakdi’

With my dreams

I always try to catch them

But some of them run free.

I kept running races

With my peers until

I realized each one’s track was different

and it wasn’t a race afterall.

Just like my childhood

While playing these games

I keep falling down

And hurt my heart

Instead of my knees and arms

But just like my childhood

I keep getting up

After evertime I fall.

God particles

Moon and Ganga aren’t on your head
But all the tensions you carry are heavier than those
Your throat isn’t blue
But I know you have tasted poison in every forms
You don’t wear a tiger skin
But I know the battles you have won
And oh your anger
I would be lying if I said it doesn’t resemble Lord Shiva
So believe me when I say
I see particulars of god in you
-Flawsome Poetry

If nature were a lady.

Within my eyes you’ll see an eclipse

Setting sun’s colour is on my lips;

When I blow my hair with a fresh breeze

My earrings make chirping noises in glee;

Precious metals and stones I bedeck

On my fingers and around my neck;

Laced with flowers lush green is my dress

Which brand is it ? can you guess?

My perfume smells like rain

Enough to drive you insane;

I wear mountains as my heels

What do you think my personality reveals?

Be my man and consider it as a duty

To love me and preserve my beauty.


For me you are like

Money to a businessman

Muse to an artist

Eureka to a scientist

Moon to a sea

Heart to a vein

Bring in the desire to live 

Without you this life is empty and purposeless.

Comfortably uncomfortable

Eyes little sore 

Afraid from the core

It’s going to be alright

Though didn’t sleep well last night

As Nightmares kept shattering it

Today I would accept no defeat

So here I am all alone

Totally out of my comfort zone

Butterflies in my stomach 

But they won’t make me dumbstruck

Legs are trembling

Still confidently walking

I can feel my heartbeat

But that’s the way I like it

I can feel my blood upsurge

This all happens usually when I emerge

Don’t ask me if I am okay

I am Comfortably uncomfortable I will say.

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