If nature were a lady.

Within my eyes you’ll see an eclipse

Setting sun’s colour is on my lips;

When I blow my hair with a fresh breeze

My earrings make chirping noises in glee;

Precious metals and stones I bedeck

On my fingers and around my neck;

Laced with flowers lush green is my dress

Which brand is it ? can you guess?

My perfume smells like rain

Enough to drive you insane;

I wear mountains as my heels

What do you think my personality reveals?

Be my man and consider it as a duty

To love me and preserve my beauty.


For me you are like

Money to a businessman

Muse to an artist

Eureka to a scientist

Moon to a sea

Heart to a vein

Bring in the desire to live 

Without you this life is empty and purposeless.

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