Last breath of a soldier.

When I would inhale
the very last breath
What would I think of?

Will all my life achievements
Flash before my eyes
making me feel content?

Will I be proud
for serving my entire life
for my beloved nation?

Or will I remember
The faces, the touch ,the voices,
The laughs of my loved ones?

Will I remember the
Last talk I had with them?
Did I tell them that I love them ?

Will I feel the guilt?
For leaving all of them
In shock and sorrow.

Because I never
In my wildest dreams
Would want to hurt them.

I hope I left some memories
And the only thing they remember
Is not that I was always busy.

Will I have a nostalgia?
Will I think all this?
Will I even exhale that last breath?

If I feel scared to face death,
Will they allow me to hug
my parents for one last time?

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